Starlee Kine seeks support for new podcast

Just a heads-up to fellow podcast fans: Starlee Kine has launched a Patreon page seeking funds to start a new show. In exchange for $5 per month, she offers patrons early access to episodes and access to updates and possibly some unsolved Mystery Show cases.

This is great news for podcast fans. Kine, who appeared on This American Life numerous times over the years, hosted the delightful Mystery Show, which was inexplicably cancelled by Gimlet Media in 2016 after just six episodes. In the show, Kine solved mysteries like the overnight disappearance of a video store and an argument over Jake Gyllenhaal’s height.

You should really listen to the entire series — it’s one of my all-time favorite podcasts — but if you’re looking for a place to start, an episode about a bizarre belt buckle found in the street is a perennial fan favorite. Once you’ve fallen in love with the show, head to Patreon and support Starlee’s next project.

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